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Bene City

Advanced Training for Government Health Care



The existing training curriculum is out of date in terms of format, visual design, and 508 accessibility compliance.


Rebuild the curriculum with a new format and an updated design for engagement and user friendliness. Design a new brand to empower and engage customer service representatives.


  • 8 eLearning modules

  • 8 masthead images


5 design team members


Rebrand a high-impact curriculum and improve user experience.


  • Design a contemporary series of 8 eLearning modules with modern accessibility. 

  • Create a brand that is fresh, engaging, and enjoyable. 


Art Direction, Lead Designer, UX


InDesign, Illustrator, Captivate




eLearning Curriculum

Art & Design Direction

This training curriculum is targeted to a group of top-class customer service representatives who deal with the most complicated customer service escalations. In these products, the customer service representative is a hero in training. In each module, they are introduced to a member of a superhero team who trains them on a new skill or tool. By the end of the curriculum, the user has learned all the necessary skills and feels equipped to help callers with any problem.


The client requested a theme that communicated the importance of the training but that wasn't heavy, dark, or militant in tone. A retro superhero theme was chosen to convey empowerment and optimism.

Illustrative Style

Flat vector art was used for this project, which allowed us to be flexible with our assets. Visual elements could be reused by different designers by simply resizing or recoloring as needed. The ease of customizing these elements allowed us to create civilian characters, individualized settings, and dynamic poses for the superheroes.


The color palette was inspired by vintage superhero comics, using a limited number of vibrant hues. Shades of each color were introduced to accommodate the illustrative style. The range of each color allowed designers to create some depth even within the flat style of the art.

Character Design

Each superhero character was designed based on a subject covered by the curriculum. Illustrations were created and organized to facilitate easy posing for designers so that their characters could be dynamic instead of repetitive. Character sheets included heads and bodies at multiple angles and several different hand poses.

Visual Design

The superhero characters were used to represent customer service skills as powers. Simple illustrative imagery allowed designers to easily manipulate the superhero and civilian characters. An expansive city design was created to facilitate unique settings for different scenarios.

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