Guiding Principles

Internal Values Campaign



A large team does not possess a cohesive identity or values. The department environment is sterile and corporate.


Design a visual campaign and create a set of marketing collateral to promote guiding principles to employees.

The visual design will facilitate joy and enthusiasm, while the tangible elements will improve the environment and give team members a sense of ownership of the values.


Design a wide-ranging series of print products with increased creative license over the company's standard guidelines.


  • Keep team members engaged and invested in values and goals.

  • Create a brand that is simple, accessible, and flexible. 

  • Design multiple product options for stakeholders.


Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design




Internal Campaign


  • Early conversations with the stakeholder identified the primary needs of the design—to be simple and engaging. Four principles were provided as necessary messaging, each with three sub-principles. 

  • A variety of tangible products were needed for both the environment and individual distribution. The products should provide a sense of autonomy and be useful to employees.

  • Information from stakeholders and all direction decisions were documented for stakeholder approval and design reference throughout the project.


A primary icon was selected for each principle. This iconography, combined with the existing style sheet and text for the principles and sub-principles, was used to design posters, calendars, magnets, stickers, pens, and notebooks.